Laura Meseck

Laura Pärtin | Yogato | Yoga Neuss

Laura – yoga practitioner, teacher and student from Estonia.

60% of the land in Estonia is covered in forests and wild nature. Nature was always number one in her life and as an Estonian, she can’t live without greens surrounding her.

She found practicing yoga making her mind more peaceful and comparable with a walk in the forest.

As long as she can remember, she was amazed by the beautiful philosophy and healing aspects of yoga.

She was so immersed that she flew to India, to study from the masters.

From that on, yoga was not only part of her life, it was something to live by every day, hour and second. Yoga became her lifestyle.

Now, that she has completed her Hatha yoga teacher training she would love to pass on the knowledge she was given. After all, yoga is for EVERYONE. It’s 80% of mind work and 20% workout.

In yoga, we have no expectations and we’re never comparing ourselves with anyone but ourself.

We learn how to use the instrument called body.

We’re already perfect, the question is what are we doing to disturb this.

With the help of yogic practices we clear out the stress of every day life and begin to notice the beauty and happiness.

Yoga is not only happening inside a yoga studio, we take it with us and make it as a way of life.